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Dr. Kusum Meena

My research is focused on the design and development of auxetic structures for a wide range of applications, including defense, healthcare, automotive, and aerospace. With my expertise in the field of advanced manufacturing, I am exploring the potential of additive manufacturing in transforming auxetic material-based products into a reality. I envisions developing innovative products that integrate these two advanced technologies to address various challenges faced by the medical, defense, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Gupta, K., & Meena, K. (2023). Artificial bone scaffolds and bone joints by additive manufacturing: A review. Bioprinting, e00268.

Meena, K., & Singamneni, S. (2021). Novel hybrid auxetic structures for improved in-plane mechanical properties via additive manufacturing. Mechanics of Materials, 158, 103890.

Meena, K., & Singamneni, S. (2019). A new auxetic structure with significantly reduced stress concentration effects. Materials & Design, 173, 107779.


Research Interests
& Projects

My research interests lie in the cutting-edge fields of Additive Manufacturing and Auxetic Metamaterials. Our Auxetic and Additive Manufacturing research group seek to analyze each product through the lens of auxetic materials and additive manufacturing, in order to develop products that are lightweight, highly functional, better designed, and exhibit enhanced properties.

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Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi,

Hauz Khas, New Delhi, 110016

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